Blue Mountain Majesty


To the mountains is where I wish to go.
To zone out all the noise.
Away from the influences of people, to clear my head from everything I just can’t seem to let go of.
To be free, run in the never ending fields of beautiful creation, to be in the glorious silence with the Creator where the only sound is the sweet melody of the bees.
The smell of fresh air filling your nostrils, the flowers in bloom.
Feeling the rush of the wind through the tall grasses.
Seeing the sun rays dance in the water, as the sun sits in a perfect blue heaven above.
Time goes by now it sets along the horizon creating an image more beautiful than any camera could capture.
The air still warm.
The moon full and the stars glistening, some shooting across the sky.
Fire flies coming out to play.
The howls of the wolves echoing off the mountains then fading into the distance.
Eyes heavy, swear I’d never leave Blue Mountain.
(Boy I think I need a vacation.)


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